[ahr-goh] noun
1. The special vocabulary and idiom of a particular profession.
2. A language for the Internet of Things.

What is Argot?

Argot is a software toolkit that allows developers to quickly build the languages required to make the Internet of things a reality. It uses the concept of a compact extensible metadata dictionary that can be embedded on the smallest of devices. The Argot dictionary allows devices to store and document the structure of the data they use in communication. Learn more about Argot >>

Under Construction

Argot has been under development for over ten years. It's a sometimes full-time, and currently part-time, passion of the creator David Ryan. The current website is under heavy development right now. There's plenty to do, so please excuse the lack of detailed information as Argot is prepared for relaunch. Subscribe to the mailing list to stay informed about the latest releases or announcements. If you find any problems please email David Ryan, or create an issue at the Google Code page.


4 July 2013 - Argot 1.3.b5 released
Today I've released the a new beta of the Argot core library and compiler. In this release the compiler adds support for specifying specific versions of data types and using parameter tag names for sequence elements as data. The core library correctly implements get versions for data types. This release is looking quite solid and will be a good candidate for a final 1.3.0 release in the near future. Prior to release I plan on preparing updated documentation and specification for working with Argot. You can find both on the downloads page.

25 June 2013 - Travel and Talking about Argot
I have a couple of events coming up where I will be presenting Argot. The first will be at the Melbourne Connected Community HackerSpace next Tuesday evening at ~7:30pm (2nd July). Following this I am off traveling to Europe with stops in Kuala Lumpur, Paris and London. While in London I will be presenting at the London IOT Meetup on Tuesday 16th July. If you're in any of these locations and would like to learn more about Argot please contact me.

16 June 2013 - Freetronics cube demo
Today I've put together a demonstration of Argot used to program the Freetronics cube. The cube is a great Arduino project which provides a simple 64 LED 4x4x4 cube of lights. The tutorial shows how Argot can be used to define a language for the cube. The tutorial has been provided with a Processing language user interface to drive the cube. Hopefully other can take this bare bones demo and expand it to do other things.

12 June 2013 - Google+ and Processing Arduino Blink proof of concept
A couple of small updates today. ArgotSDK now has a Google+ page. I'm very new to Google+, but will provide updates on the page when the site is updated. You can view it here. I've also added a basic example of using Argot with the Processing language. This proof of concept is enough to show how Argot can be used to communicate with an Arduino over a serial link. It's available in the example projects section on the downloads page.

9 June 2013 - Argot v1.3.b4 released and Arduino MQTT Argot Blink Tutorial online
The Arduino MQTT Argot Blink tutorial provides a simple example of communicating with an Arduino over MQTT using Argot. This uses the previous tutorial as a basis and introduces the concept of Argot's meta.abstract type. It also uses the Beta 1 version of th Argot Micro Compiler to generate source and header file for use on the Arduino. Argot v1.3.b4 has been released to clean up a bug which was found during developing the last tutorial. Read more about the release over at the blog. Read more >>

6 June 2013 - Arduino Argot Blink Tutorial online
The Arduino Argot Blink tutorial provides a simple example of communicating with an Arduino using Argot. It builds on the most basic Arduino blink sketch to show a simple binary protocol over a serial connection. While this does not show off Argot's advanced features, it does show how easy it is to communicate with an Arduino using Argot.

31 May 2013 - Argot v1.3.b3 Released
After going through some extensive clean up, I've decided to release Argot 1.3.b3 (beta 3). There's likely to be some tweaking required as I develop some more extensive examples and prepare documentation for final release. This release includes both the core Argot library and the Argot Compiler. You can read more about this release at the Argot blog.

27 May 2013 - Argot Quick Start updated
One of the first changes planned to Argot was to simplify the Argot definition language for sequence based data types. This change is now implemented and the Quick Start example has been updated. Still some more to do before a full release though.

25 May 2013 - Argot SDK website is online
After not having a web presence for a number of years, I decided it was time to get Argot online again. I have been spurred on by the rise of activity surrounding the Internet of Things, as I feel that Argot provides a unique solution not currently available. The website is still sparse, however over the next few weeks/months I will be releasing more software and documentation. If you're interested in my plans you can read more at the Argot blog.